The Team

AngelTrades is comprised of experts in the paperless creation, sale & exchange of private opportunities using Rule 506c of Regulation D, and Liquid Special Purpose Vehicles™ and the Board of Directors includes veterans in the venture capital and angel investment space.

Founder, Chairman & CEO – John Wright Gotts

John is the foremost global expert on compliant paperless trading of private company equity. John invested more than 20,000 hours and worked with thirty-six of the top security attorneys in the U.S. to invent the clear path forward for paperless trading of SPVs on the platform. John has been an entrepreneur for more than forty years. John has worked with his programmer father in the Internet space since 1993 and with the current core team, directors and advisors for more than one hundred years combined.

CTO & Directory – Philip McBride

Philip McBride, is a technical leader who developed machine learning and machine vision technology for NASA, and has developed various media technologies at Apple.

Corporate Council – Roel Campos

Roel is a former SEC Commissioner and a Partner at Hughes, Hubbard & Reed, a leading Washington D.C. law firm, including a deep bench of US, DOJ & SEC attorneys. Mr. Campos is an owner of, with $15 trillion in assets under management.

Senior Advisor – David Bolocan

David has been a senior consultant in the banking industry for a quarter of a century, managing over $200 billion in low risk assets for a major U.S. bank, and providing guidance to some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Senior Advisor to Board of Directors – Rick LeFaivre

Rick LeFaivre is former VP of Advanced Technology at Apple, a former partner at a leading venture capital firm, and launched and ran several venture incubators.

The AngelTrades Senior Advisory team includes State House Representatives and Former State Senators who are helping create new laws on accreditation, with the goal of basing accredited status on risk and investment education rather than a person’s income and net worth.

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor & Former Oregon SenatorSal Esquivel

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor & Former Idaho SenatorMarv Hagedorn

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor & Utah State RepresentativeLee Perry

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor & New Mexico RepresentativeBill Rehm