Our Partners

AngelTrades was created with the help of former SEC Commissioner Roel Campos, who is the company’s attorney and a partner at the law firm Hughes, Hubbard & Reed. This storied law firm started in 1884 and their securities and capital markets practice covers all aspects of the capital formation process, advising clients in all varieties of public and private financings and initial public offerings. Their clients include some of the world’s largest financial institutions, providing a full range of capital markets advice and services, assisting clients in all matters arising under US federal and state securities laws. HHR has navigated the complex securities regulatory regime since the passage of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Roel Campos was appointed twice and confirmed by the US Senate as a Commissioner of the SEC, serving until 2007.

Our banker is Chase Bank, which was formed in 1877 and has branches nationwide. We use their services for all incoming ACH, debit & credit card payments from clients and Members.

Similar to AngelList (angel.co), AngelTrades utilizes the special purpose vehicle (SPV) as a fund that invests in a single opportunity, and which Members find on the AngelTrades.com website. You can read more about special purpose vehicles on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website by clicking here. Each SPV has exactly one hundred (100) total seats, each of which equals 1 share of the SPV. Shares may be traded amongst Members on the AngelTrades website after a required one-year hold period. These 100 shares constitute the total ownership of a fund and though they can be traded amongst Members, AngelTrades appears as the single investor on the capitalization table of the opportunity.

Also similar to AngelList, AngelTrades partnered with Assure.co. Assure Services specializes in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and fund administration, completing more than 3,600 transactions valued at more than $2.3 billion. AngelTrades utilizes Assure to collect and distribute all invested funds on the AngelTrades.com website.

Because all of our listed opportunities require Members to be accredited we have teamed with VerifyInvestor.com to provide a simple, quick way to satisfy this requirement of the SEC.