Funding Application

AngelTrades makes fundraising easy by providing legal documents and guidance for compliant listing, public promotion and filing for sale of private company equity in the U.S. to accredited investors.

Your company raises capital selling equity to an AngelTrades fund for accredited investors in the United States. AngelTrades assists and files the proper forms with the S.E.C. and government agencies in the United States.

AngelTrades charges a one-time due-diligence, document prep, listing and consulting fee of $3,750 and an annual membership fee starting on the one-year anniversary of $99/mth.

  1. Fill in application and pay $500 for a one-hour phone review with an AngelTrades team member.
  2. If accepted pay $3,250 for access to legal documents and due-diligence materials to list on
  3. A scheduled meeting provides introduction and guidance to the document library.
  4. When required documents are complete a final review leads to a listing, countdown clock and launch (if all documents are completed and approved for listing).
  5. When a Company's soft-cap (the minimum required to collect from investors and the equity with the greatest discount for early investors) is met a fund is created by AngelTrades in Delaware as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).
  6. The AngelTrades fund collects money from investors and invests that money in the Company's equity. The ownership in the Delaware LLP (fund) is managed by AngelTrades.
  7. Money for the soft-cap is collected by ACH and transferred to the Company minus a fund creation fee of $10,000 and blue-sky fees for each state where the fund has an accredited investor.
  8. The mid-cap with a slightly lower discount is offered. When/if the mid-cap is sold out or any amount collected by the end of the offering date is transferred to the Company.
  9. The hard-cap is offered at full price, or with the least discount to a future round if a convertible note, If/when the hard-cap is sold out or the funding period has ended the money is delivered by ACH from the fund account to the Company's account.
  10. The Company updates fund owners quarterly and annually, as well as providing any timely updates and after the first year pays a monthly fee of $79/mth to maintain their account and stay connected with fund investors who can trade the ownership of shares in a fund.
  11. AngelTrades makes the annual required filings with the SEC, IRS and other government agencies in the United States as required by law.

After one year AngelTrades can create a new fund to make a second investment in the Company with some, none or all of the previous and current fund owners participating.

SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES MARKET IN ADVANCE OF A LISTING, DRIVING AWARENESS BECAUSE BIG OPENINGS MATTER. AngelTrades provides help with marketing tips, and links to great marketing and advertising tools. Although AngelTrades members can see all listed funds and may participate in the Company's fund it is up to each Company to drive their own investors to AngelTrades, where funds are collected, distributed to the Company and the fund acts as a manager for the total investment in the Company's equity through the fund. After a successful investment the AngelTrades-managed fund is listed as one line on a Company's capitalization table until there is a liquidity event.

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