Listing Requirements

AngelTrades lists companies and opportunities, which we believe have a likelihood of preserving wealth while also providing a non-trivial upside over a ten-year period.

Massive Market Potential

AngelTrades Members are looking for companies in pursuit of non-trivial revenue and earnings or positive cash flow; this means annual revenue in the tens of millions or more.

Brilliant Founders and a Dedicated Team

It is critical the founding team is made of very smart people willing to grind through the long hours and work, as well as having the experience to understand the market and perhaps have key market connections.

Companies, Not Ideas

There is a saying that companies are 5% inspirations and 95% perspiration. Another way to say that is AngelTrades is not interested in a shiny new startup that has no traction, team or product. We invest in opportunities that are up and running and looking for fuel.

Demonstrable Advantage to Competitors

Red water markets are already teaming with sharks and competition, blue waters describe virgin markets with no or few competitors, and a place for a first-mover to take over the network effects and all the low-hanging fruit.

A Proven Market Wanting Your Product/Service

If there is already a massive market in a blue/red-water space and the company can show an absolute advantage that is protectable we are interested.

The Company Knows How to Reach Their Market and Cost

It is critical that a company gain market penetration and best if the cost has a clearly anticipated return on investment (ROI).

The Company Has an MVP/S or Working Product/Service

We look for companies demonstrating a finished or nearly finished product or service.

The Company Must Domicile in the USA

We are U.S. investors who invest in U.S. companies.

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